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Congress Proceedings

1st International Crop Science Congress

Ames, USA 1992.

International Crop Science 1 (1993). Eds. D.R. Buxton, R. Shibles, R.A. Forsberg, B.L. Blad, K.H. Asay, G.M. Paulsen, R.F. Wilson. Crop Science Society of America, Inc. Madison, USA. (ISBN 0-89118-538-0)

2nd International Crop Science Congress

New Delhi, India 1996.

Crop productivity and Sustainability – Shaping the Future. Proceedings of the 2nd International Crop Science Congress.(1998) Eds. V.L Chopra, R.B. Singh and Anupam Varma. National Academy of Agricultural Sciences and the Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi, India. (ISBN 81-204-1212-5).

3rd International Crop Science Congress

Hamburg, Germany 2000.

Crop Science: Progress and Prospects (2001) Eds. J. Nosberger, H.H. Geiger and P.C. Struik. CABI Publishing, Wallingford, UK. (ISBN 0-85199-530-6).

4th International Crop Science Congress

Brisbane, Australia 2004.

New directions for a diverse planet: Proceedings for the 4th International Crop Science Congress. (2004). Eds. Dr T. Fischer, Dr N. Turner, Dr J. Angus, Dr L. McIntyre, Dr M. Robertson, Dr A. Borrell, Mr D. Lloyd. The Regional Institute Ltd, Gosford, Australia. http://www.cropscience.org.au/icsc2004/ (ISBN 1-920842-21-7). View Papers >>

5th International Crop Science Congress

Jeju, The Republic of Korea 2008

Recognizing past achievements, meeting future needs!, Proceedings for the 5th International Crop Science Congress. View Papers >>