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Proceedings for the 5th International Crop Science Congress

5th International Crop Science Congress, Jeju, The Republic of Korea 2008

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CS1-S1 Crop production

CS1-S2 Climate change and crop production

CS1-S3 Agro-environmental deterioration and agricultural sustainability

CS1-S4 Designing farming system for sustainable crop production

CS1-S5 Strategies for improving water use efficiency

CS1-S6 Agroecosystem biodiversity for sustainable weed and pests management

CS1-S7 Soil conservation and integrated nutrient management

CS2-S1 Agro-biodiversity and enhancing crop genetic resources

CS2-S2 Improvement of crop yield potential

CS2-S3 Biotic stresses

CS2-S4 Abiotic stresses

CS2-S5 Nutritional and market quality

CS2-S6 Physiological and morphological traits

CS2-S7 Molecular markers and mapping

CS3-S1 Crop physiology and metabolism

CS3-S2 Crop stress physiology

CS3-S3 Crop models for research and management

CS3-S4 Precision agriculture

CS3-S5 Non-destructive diagnosis of crop status and grassland management

CS3-S6 Organic farming and organic manuring

CS3-S7 Induced mutants, GMO safety and Intellectual property right

CS4-S1 Genome-assisted crop improvement

CS4-S2 Recent advances in crop biotechnology

CS4-S3 Transgenic crops

CS4-S4 Bioenergy production