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The International Crop Science Society emerged from a series of very successful International Crop Science Congresses beginning with the 1992 Congress (Ames, IA). The concept of the Society began at the 1996 Congress (India) where it was proposed and discussed, and was approved by the delegates at the 2000 Congress (Germany). It was made fully functional at the 2004 Congress (Australia). With the help of $25,000 in-kind support from the Crop Science Society of America in 2000 the operational procedures, website, and communication mechanisms have been set up.


The Crop Science Society of America (essentially North America) helped initiate and support the 1992 Congress. The second Congress in 1996 (Delhi, India) continued the success. The European Society of Agronomy (West and East Europe) was actively engaged in the 2000 Congress (Hamburg, Germany), and the Asian Crop Science Association (9 member countries) was involved with the 2004 Congress (Brisbane, Australia). The 2008 Congress will be held in the Republic of Korea. This multi-country support from around the world testifies to the need and significance of an International Crop Science Society and its series of Congresses.